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Automatic Well Testing Gas Processing Sour Gas Sweetening
Auto Well Testing Well Test Panels Solid State 
Well Test Headers 
  w/ Electric Operators
Well Test Headers 
  w/ Pneumatic Operators
Gas Processing Hydrocarbon Vapor
Recovery Systems
Vapor Recovery Units
Sour Gas Sweetening Amine Sweetening Units
Iron Sponge Units
Sulfa Treat
Fluids Measurement Heating Systematized Production
Fluids Measurement Lease Automatic Custody
Transfer (LACT) Units
Automatic Well Test
Metering, Calibration &
Proving Units
Heating Indirect Fired Water
Bath Heaters
Direct Fired Heaters
Systematized Production Packaged Process Systems
Engineering & Design
Fluids Separation Oil Treating Water Conditioning
Fluids Separation Horizontal Separators
Vertical Separators
Metering Separators
Filter Separators
Flow Proportioning Separators
Oil Treating Direct Fired Treaters
Vertical & Horizontal
Electrostatic Treaters
Electrostatic Desalters 
Water Conditioning Rapid Mechanical Filters
High Rate Filters
Gas Conditioning Sand Removal System Well Test Vessels
Gas Conditioning Glycol Dehydration
Horizontal Contact Tower
Vertical Towers
Sand Removal System Sand Removal System Well Test Vessels Skid Mounted & Piped
Trailer Mounted & Piped
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