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Horizontal Design
  • Allows longer settling time
  • Small physical size
  • Greater flexibility of package design
  • Easier to transport and set up
  • Improves solid handling capability

Unique Angled Inlet Deflector Plate

  • Reduces internal turbulence
  • Increases gas separation
  • Reduces system pressure drop
  • Improves solid separation

Innovative Design Calming Baffles

  • Virtually eliminates turbulence
  • Calms interface for more efficient operation

Individual Phase Sight Glasses

  • Positive identification of interface
  • Greater flexibility for well conditions

Adjustable Bucket and Weir Type Control

  • Greater flexibility for changing well conditions
  • Longer dump cycles
  • Increases durability
  • Allows the use of optional snap acting controls

Positive Displacement Metering

  • Increased accuracy
  • Greater durability


  • Gas meters
  • Trailer mounted
  • Internal Plastic coatings
  • Net oil computer
  • Gas computer
  • Harsh environment housings
  • Packaging with other Primenergy equipment available.

30" x 8' 1,000 BPD*
36" x 8' 3,000 BPD
48" x 10' 5,000 BPD

Custom sizes to fit your needs

* A pproximate sizes, based on 40° API oil and a 50% water cut, for quick reference only. Actual capacity depends upon well and produced fluid conditions. Contact your representative to determine your exact needs prior to ordering.


30" x 8' S/S Three Phase, 125 PSIG, ASME Coded Separator Vessel with:
2" Grooved Sch. 80 Inlet
4" Grooved Sch. 80 Level Control
2" Grooved Sch. 80 Water Outlet
2" Grooved Sch. 80 Oil Outlet
2" Grooved Sch. 80 Drain
2" 3,000# Threaded Coupling Gas Outlet
2" #3,000# Threaded Coupling Relief
1/2" 6,000# Threaded Coupling Relief
Gages (Sight Glasses).
1/2" 6,000# Threaded Coupling P.I.
12" x 16" Elliptical Manway
Elliptical Manway
2" Inlet Plug Valve
1" Gas Run with 1" Plug Valve, 1' check Valve, 1" Cemco Gas Back Pressure Valve.
Cemco Level Controller to control oil discharge from vessel.
2" Oil Run with:
Plug Valve, 2" Diaphragm operated Oil Dump Valve, 2" Oil Meter and necessary pipe and fittings.
2" Water Run with:
Plug Valve, Diaphragm operated, Water Dump Valve, 2" Floco F-500-L Water Meter and necessary Pipe and Fittings, 2" Discharge Connection.
Level Controller to control water discharge, externally adjustable, Float Nozzle welded in Vessel.
2" Tie in line so that the oil, water, and gas can be discharged separately or can be recombined.
2-1/2" 0-200# Pressure Gauge.
2" Drain in Vessel.
2 Sets of Gauge Cocks with 5/8" O.D. Sight Glass.
2" Relief Valve set at 125 PSI.

All equipment mounted on a Structural Steel Skid with Interconnecting Piping and Fittings.

30" x 8' 0-500 0-500
36" x 8' 0-1500 0-1500

Internal Coating with Coal Tar Epoxy.

Primenergy LACT UNIT
Automated System For Sales Of Produced Oil
  • Increases manpower utilization
  • Adaptable to high technology computerized field control systems.
  • Improves utilization of stock tanks.
  • Reduces opportunity for pilferage.
  • Eliminates weathering time.

Constant Measurement and Recording

  • Permanent record of production and sales.
  • Quick recognition of drop in production rate.
  • Reduces inconsistencies due to human error.
Monitors and Controls Quality and Quantity of Pipeline Product
  • Constantly monitors B S & W and automatically recirculates unacceptable product.
  • Automatically stops production when allowable is reached.

Unique System to Inject Inspection Sample into Sale Line

  • Increases revenue.
  • Reduces clean-up problem.


  • Power or manual sample mixing.
  • Prover loop.
  • Allowable counter.
  • Timer for automatic recirculation.
  • Harsh environment housings.
  • Large numeral counter and ticket printer.


2" 4,000 BPD†
3" 10,000 BPD

Custom sizes to fit your needs.

* Actual capacity will vary depending upon pressure requirements and quality of pipeline product. Contact your representative to determine your exact needs.


Centrifugal Type Pump
Explosion Proof 3-Phase, 60 HZ, 240/480 VAC Electric Motor.
Coupling and Guard for Motor to Pump Connection.
BS&W Probe with Flanged End Connection.
BS&W Monitor with Weatherproof Enclosure and Plexiglas Window.
Combination Strainer and Air Eliminator.
Sampling System with:
20 Gallon Sample container with sloped bottom and plastic internal coating and Sight Glass with Gauge Cocks.
Back Pressure Sample Regulator.
Sample Probe.
Three Way Divert Valve with Diaphragm Operator and Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve.
A.O. Smith Meter with Automatic Temperature Compensator, Right Angle Drive, Large Numeral Counter, Meter Monitor and Sample Pulse Switch.
Prover Loop Connection Piping with Block Valve and Quick Couplers with Dust Covers.
Back Pressure Control Valve on Unit Outlet.
NEMA Size Control Panel with Control Circuitry and the following:
Fused Disconnect or Circuit Breakers
Magnetic Motor Starter
HOA Switch
Door Mounted Reset
110V Power On Switch with Fuse
Plug In Solid State Control Board
Color Coded wiring to Terminal Strips
Solid State Meter Monitor for Low Flow Detection.
Panel Indicator Lights:
Power On
Meter Failure
Wet Oil
Clean Oil
Allowable made
All Equipment mounted on a 5' x 12' Structural Steel Skid with Interconnecting Piping, Conduit and Wiring.

0-4,000 BBLS/DAY 0-50# 2" 5 H.P.
0-10,000 BBLS/DAY 3" 10 H.P.
4" 25 H.P.

6" 40 H.P.

Gear or Screw Pump as Alternate for Centrifugal.

Electric Sample Mixing and Resale System with Electric Motor, Pump, Valves, Piping, Switches and Conduit.

Ticket Printer for A.O. Smith Meter.

Monthly Allowable Counter with Enclosure and Wired into Control System.

*P.O.A. - Price on Application

* Options are priced based on a 2" LACT.
Options for other sizes can be priced upon request.

Computer Controlled Satellite Station Test and Production Vessels, Automatic Headers, Time Sharing Net Oil Computer Skids.

Computer Controlled Production and Test Vessels, multi-lease LACT units all part of a complete turnkey installation.

Satellite Test Station computer controlled.

Trailor mounted well test unit with net oil computer.

Multi-lease time sharing net oil computer skid.

Net Oil Computer Skids.

Skid Mounted Three Phase Test Separators

Trailer mounted Test Separator with meters for oil, water and gas.

3" L.A.C.T. Unit

Skid Mounted L.A.C.T. Unit
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