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Completely Unitized System
  • Site ready for immediate hook-up
  • Minimum site preparation
  • Maximum space utilization
  • Fully operational controls and instruments
  • Modular pre-piping to ASME standards

Horizontal Separator Design

  • Allows longer settling time
  • Improves solid handling capability
Unique Angled Inlet Deflector Plate
  • Reduces internal turbulence
  • Increases gas separation
  • Reduces system pressure drop
  • Improves solid separation

Innovative Design Calming Baffles

  • Virtually eliminates turbulence
  • Calms interface for more efficient operation

Individual Phase Sight Glasses

  • Positive identification of interface
  • Greater flexibility for well conditions


Trimline Design
  • Small diameter vessel
  • Extra long fire tube
  • Extra long coil bundle

Extra Long Fire Tube

  • Increases heat transfer surface area
  • More even heat distribution
  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Closer proximity to coil bundle
  • Increases combustion efficiency
  • Reduces fuel gas consumption
  • Lowers stack temperature

Removable Stabilized Fire Tube

  • Eliminates effects of harmonics which helps prevent premature failure
  • Easier to service

Extra Long Coil Bundle

  • Fewer coil turns
  • Reduces pressure drop
  • Improves heat transfer

Track Mounted Coil Bundle

  • Easy to remove and install
  • Reduces downtime

Adjustable Long Nose Choke

  • Easily adjustable for changing well conditions
  • External piping for serviceability
  • Removable for repair or replacement

Eclipse Burner

  • More efficient fuel utilization
  • Increased burner tube life
  • Hinged flame arrestor
  • Emergency high temperature control
  • Low fluid level control
  • Safety gas scrubber with high liquid level shut in
Horizontal Baffle Type Contactor
  • Increased efficiency
  • Controlled flow pattern
  • Small physical size
  • Increased glycol contact area
  • Reduced glycol circulation rate

Glycol Spray Injection Jet

  • Maximizes glycol surface area
  • Increases glycol drying efficiency

Dry Glycol Injected At Gas Inlet

  • Improves initial drying
  • Decreases required retention time
  • Reduces physical size requirements

Distillate Separation Chamber

  • Increases overall drying capabilities
  • Collects free liquids
  • Reduces gas turbulence

High Efficiency Reboiler

  • Increases fuel gas efficiency
  • Reduces glycol loss
  • More effective water removal

Dual Heat Exchangers

  • Preheats wet glycol
  • Reduces gas consumption
  • Improved cooling increases water absorption


  • Positive displacement metering
  • Internal plastic coatings
  • Bucket & Weir separator controls
  • Glycol to distillate separator
  • Harsh environment housings

Available in sizes with through-put capacity from 250M to 50 MMCF.
Sizing is dependent upon well and production conditions.
Contact your representative to determine your exact needs prior to ordering.


Indirect Heating Unit with:
Removable Split Flow Coil Bundle
XH Fuel Gas Preheat Coil
Long Nose Heater Choke
0-250°F Thermometer with 304 SS
Flame Arrestor Type Insert Burner with 2" Mixing Chamber
Fisher #620 1" H.P. Regulator
Kimray T12 Thermostat Base with Separable Socket.
3/4" Fuel Gas Strainer
Kimray 3/4" 12 SBT-DAB Motor Valve (Burner Gas Control).
Stack - Removable
0-160# Instrument Gas Pressure Gauge
0-30# Burner Gas Pressure Gauge
Automatic Shut-Off float operated
Fuel Gas Scrubber
Removable Fire Box
Horizontal Two Phase ASME Code Separator with:
Threaded Coupling Inlet Connection.
Threaded Coupling Level Control Connections.
Threaded Coupling Gas Outlet Connection.
Threaded Coupling Oil and Water Outlets.
Threaded Coupling Drain Connection.
Threaded Coupling Safety Head Connection.
Threaded Coupling Relief Valve Connection.
1/2" 6,000# Threaded Coupling
Pressure Gauge Connection.
1" 6,000# Threaded Coupling Fuel Gas Connection.
3/4" 6,000# Threaded Coupling
Liquid Level Gauge Valve Connection
Inlet Diverter
Wave Breaker
S.S. Wire Mesh Mist Extractor
Vortex Breakers over Oil and Water Outlet.
Set Penberthy 330 Gauge Valves
High Pressure Gauge Column
2" Union Type Safety Head with Rupture Disc set at 1,584 PSI.
1/2" Needle Isolating Valve
0-2,000 PSI Pressure Gauge
2" Liquid Level Controls
Kimray 1400 SMT 1" 4,000# Motor Dump Valves.
1301-F-2 H.P. 1/4" Gas Regulator
Fisher Type 67FR Instrument Gas Regulator.
Hydroseal Series 4 Type "C" Relief Valve
ASME Code "Baffle" Contactor with:
0-1500 PSIG Pressure Gauge with Isolating Valve.
ASME Code Relief Valve
0-250° Dial Face Thermometer with Thermowell.
2,000 PSIG WP Check Valve on Glycol Inlet.
2,000 PSIG WP Ball Valves for Drain and Isolating of Vessel from
Pump and Reboiler.
External "U" Tube Glycol to Gas Exchanger
Vertical ASME Code Scrubber with:
2" NPT Inlet
2" NPT Gas Outlet
1" Liquid Outlet
3/4" Thermometer
3/4" Gauge Column
Level Control
128 PQC Control Valve
Gauge Columns w/Cocks
0-250° F Thermometer
Reboiler-Surge Vessel with:
Still Column Flange
2" NPT Fill Connections
1/2" NPT Drain
1/2" NPT Gauge Glass
1/2" NPT Glycol Outlet
3/4" NPT Thermometer
1" NPT Temperature Controls
2" NPT Vapor Outlet
Glycol Pump with Unions, Block and Bleed Ball Valves for
Temperature Controls (2)
One for Normal Control, One for High Temperature Shutdown.
0-500° Dial Face Thermometer with Well.
High Pressure Instrument and Burner Gas Regulator.
Low Pressure Instrument and Burner Gas Regulator.
Low Pressure Strainer Pump Suction "Y" Type.
2,000 PSIG WP Glycol Pump
Filter with 75 Micron Element on Inlet to Power Side of, Pump,
Block and Bleed Valves for Element Changing.
316 S.S. Internal Glycol to Glycol Exchanger.
Removable Firetube with Flanged Stack.
Removable Still Column packed with Ceramic Saddles.
0-60 PSIG Pressure Gauge with Isolating Valve.
Flame Arrestor with Burner and Pilot Light Assembly.
Set Gauge Cocks with Glass.
1" Fiberglass Insulation w/Embossed Aluminum Jacketing.
Mounted on WF 6" Skid, Unit complete with all necessary tubing, fittings, etc., for placing in service. Piping will include unions located for ease in removing items from lines.

Maximum Volume Indirect Heat High PSI Separator Contactor Reboiler Resale Price
0-50 MMCFD

ASME Code Horizontal Three Phase Separator with:
2" NPT 6,000# Inlet
2" Gas Outlet
2" NPT Drain
2" NPT Relief Valve
2" NPT Oil Outlet
2" NPT Water Outlet
2" NPT Oil Level Control
2" Water Level Control
3/4" NPT Gauge Column
1/2" NPT Pressure Gauge for Instrument Gas
Inlet Diverter
Wave Breaker
S.S. Wire Mesh Mist Extractor
Vortex Breakers over Oil and Water Outlets.
ASME Code Bronze Relief
Valve Set at 125 PSIG
2 Ea. - Level Controls
2 Ea. - Dump Valves
2 Ea. Sets Penberthy Gauge
Cocks and Glasses
Fisher 67FR Instrument Regulator
0-150 PSIG Pressure Gauge with Isolating Valve
* Options are prices based on 500,000 BTU/HR.
Options for other sizes can be priced upon request.


Collects Usable Stock Tank Vapors
  • Increases revenue from gas sales.
  • Provides fuel for equipment
  • Reduces possible fire hazards.

Collects Environmentally Harmful Gasses

  • Improves working conditions.
  • Helps meet EPA Requirements.
  • Reduces damage to equipment from harmful vapors.
Reclaims Valuable Light End Hydrocarbons
  • Increased revenue from sale of light ends.
  • Can be used to improve API gravity of pipeline product.


  • Light end storage tank.
  • Explosion-proof controls and motors.


5 HP: 25 MCF† 15 HP: 100 MCF
10 HP: 50 MCF 25 HP: 250 MCF

Custom sizes to fit your needs.

† Actual capacity will vary depending upon pressure requirements and liquid
content. Contact your representative to determine your exact needs.


Reciprocating type Gas Compressor with:
Explosion proof 3-phase, 60 HZ, 230/460 VAC Electric Motor.
"V" Belt Drive System with Guard for motor to compressor connection.
Inlet Gas Scrubber with:
3" Flanged Inlet Connection
3" Flanged Outlet Connection
1" Drain
36" Sight glass with Gauge Cocks
Coal Tar Epoxy Internal Coating
Condensate Level Controller (Float Operated)
High Condensate Level Shutdown (Float Operated)

Automated Condensate Transfer Pump.
Explosion Proof Single Phase, 60 HZ, 110 VAC Electric Motor.
Coupling and Guard for Motor to Pump Connection.
Explosion Proof High Pressure Switch.
Explosion Proof High Temperature Switch.
Two (2) Discharge Pressure Gauges (0-100 PSI) with Isolating Valves.
Gauge Type Thermometer (40-240°F) with S/S Thermowell.
NEMA Explosion Proof Motor Control Panel with:
Fused Disconnect
Magnetic Motor Starter
Lightning Arrestor
Dry Type Transformer
0-20 Minute Adjustable By-Pass Timer (as Required).
Indicating Lights for:
Compressor On
By-Pass (as required)
Temperature Shutdown
High Condensate Level Shutdown
All equipment mounted on a X Structural Steel Skid with
Interconnecting Piping, Conduit and Wiring.

Maximum Volume Maximum Pressure *Compressor Type Motor HP Resale Price
20 MCFD 40 PSIG ACD- 5
50 MCFD 40 PSIG ADK- 10
70 MCFD 40 PSIG ACS- 10
100 MCFD 40 PSIG ACS- 15
150 MCFD 40 PSIG AVKAV- 20
200 MCFD 40 PSIG AVLAW- 25
20 MCFD 150 PSIG ADD- 7-1/2 P.O.A
50 MCFD 150 PSIG ADS- 25
70 MCFD 150 PSIG ADR- 15
100 MCFD 150 PSIG ADL- 25
150 MCFD 150 PSIG AVLAV- 35
200 MCFD


2" Dual Compressor Control By-Pass System With Explosion Proof Electric Operators (includes Control Panel Modification).

Liquid Level Lectronics Stock Tank Vapor Pressure Controller.

RO-TA-PHASE Control Panel to convert single phase to three phase.

* Options are priced based on 50 MCFD, 40 PSI VRU.
Options for other sizes can be priced upon request.

*P.O.A. - Priced on Application

Gas Production Unit

Gas Production Unit with indirect heater, high and low pressure separators, glycol dehydrator with fuel gas scrubber, interpiping and instrument air.

Gas Production skid with indirect heater, high and low pressure separators, glycol dehydrator with interpiping and instrument air.

Skid Mounted Vapor Recovery Unit
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